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Just a few shakes will transform your meat, poultry, fish and vegetables from ordinary to extraordinary. To order Plump Chef Spices and Rubs click HERE to visit our online store.

Plump Chef, Peter Christenson originally created his very own mix of spices to be used in recipes served to his customers. Friends, relatives (close and not-so-close), co-workers and even patrons requested “just a little in a baggie” to take home. Many of them suggested he bottle and sell it — A Christmas gift of a box of bottles and some homemade labels started the process and the rest is history!!  Today Plump Chef spices are sold in stores, boutiques, supermarkets, specialty meat shops and fine restaurants throughout the entire Midwest. Read more about Chef Peter by clicking HERE.

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“Plump Chef is committed to excellence in their products as well as service to humanity, not only through their delicious and satisfying seasonings, but in their commitment to helping those in need such as the victims of the devastating earthquake in Haiti.” Daniel H.


At the request of a well-known Minneapolis restaurant and Plump Chef customer, we introduce the newest in our line of shakes and rubs. Blackening Shake adds a spicy and smoky element, generously shake on your chicken, pork, beef, fish, or even vegetables for that true Cajun Blackened taste and look!

Blackening Shake

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Blackened Cod

Plump Chef Blackened Cod

Heat a heavy skillet to medium hot. Shake Plump Chef Blackening Shake on Cod liberally. Add oil or butter to pan. Sear to perfection!

Nobody likes boring meat