Plump Chef


Now you can cook with the same seasoning blends used by top restaurants at home! The Plump Chef Shakes and Rubs were created by an award-winning chef. Just a few shakes will transform your meat, poultry, fish and vegetables from ordinary to extraordinary.

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Original Shake

Original Shake $5.25

Cowboy Rub

Cowboy Rub $5.25

Diablo Shake

Diablo Shake $5.25

Haitian Love Rub

Haitian Love Rub $5.25

Salt Free Shake

Salt Free Shake $5.25

Sunshine Shake

Sunshine Shake $5.25

Venison Shake

Venison Shake $5.25

Wild Bird Shake

Wild Bird Shake $5.25

Original Shake

Blackening Shake $5.25

3 Bottle Gift Pack

3 Bottle Gift Pack $17.00

4 Bottle Gift Pack

4 Bottle Gift Pack $22.00

Sportsman's 3-Pack

Sports 3-Pack $17.00

Sportsman's 4-Pack

Sports 4-Pack $22.00

7 Bottle Tin

7 Bottle Tin $37.00

Original Shake 3-Pack

Original Shake 3-Pack

T-Shirt $15.00 Men’s M, L, XL, XXL

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